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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  September 9, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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s-o-b's are stewing and saving because they know soon they'll be paying, no trickle, just down. but i guess that guy will see them in hell where at the rate this country is going, it should be a full house watching. watching. >> fox is not, is not a traditional news organization, our relationship at fox, we don't feel an obligation to treat them like treated cnn or abc. >> very rarely did we communicate to the press anything that we didn't absolutely control, we control this as opposed to the press controls this. >> part of what i want to do is to expand the diversity of voices in media. >> what we're really saying is that it's not enough, it's in part structural rules in place that are going to result in-- >> is it a stretch to say that freedom of speech is under
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attack in the united states of america? hello america and welcome to the glenn beck program, i'm judge andrew napolitano, day four in our crash course of glenn beck 101. a back to school week, glenn has covered a vast amount of material on this program this year. and we're going to get caught up on it, tonight's crash course is about controlling the message, the progressive agenda to control the media, control opposition, and abolish free speech. this government hates and fears free speech and wants to shut it down. one memorable example of course was the administration's war on fox news last year. you certainly could never forget this, right? >> it's really not news, other news organizations like yours ought not to treat them that way. >> the president looks at it and we look at it, it's not a
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news organization. >> fox news often operates almost as either the research arm or the communications arm of the republican party. >> i have watched many stories on that network that i found not to be true. >> i've got a-- one television station that is entirely devoted to attacking my administration. >> you might also remember the boldness of this president. on only his third day as the leader of this country, personally going on the offensive against media personality rush limbaugh. on january 23rd of last year, president obama warned republicans in congress to quit listening to rush limbaugh if they wanted to get anything done. information is something this administration is very afraid of. take a look. >> your coming of age in a 24/7 media environment that bombards us with all kinds of content and exposes us to all
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kinds of arguments, some of which don't always rank that high on the truth meter. >> oh, no. let's ban that. >> with ipods and i-pads and bo boxes and playstations. >> playstations. >> none of which i know how to work, information becomes a distraction. >> glenn: wow. >> a diversion. all of this is not only putting pressure on you, it's putting new pressure on our country and on our democracy. so many voices clamoring for attention on blogs and talk radio, it can be difficult at tooms to sift through it all to know what to believe, to figure out who is telling the truth and who is not. let's face it, even some of the craziest claims can quickly gain traction. i've had some experience in that regard. >> glenn: yes, with this show, but i don't make those claims, i just play the video that we get online.
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it's weird, isn't it? i've never heard the president ever say anything like that. i mean, first of all, what kind of information do you get from your ipod or playstation? it's almost like a red herring there. and i've also never heard the president of the united states ever at any time say information is a distraction, that you don't know what to believe anymore. whoa! information is power and if it's not, then, well, we should, we should fire everybody at the cia. we should stop doing any kind of focus groups for speeches. information can be distracting. pesky problem, pesky problems. now, who is to blame for spreading all the rumors? well, of course, 24/7 cable news. some cable news channels, they don't rank high on the truth meter. could that be something like
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him declaring war on fox again? so, it worked out so poorly for him last time. >> this administration is not the first to attempt to control the message. its strategy is to change public perception come right out of the play book of another white house. >> wilson also saw an opportunity in war, never waste an emergency, he campaigned against war and then he was sworn in for a second term a month later, we were at war, but he had to reverse the idea of the american people. they didn't want war. so he created on april 13th, 1917, woodrow wilson, evil, evil man, created the committee on public information. by and large, the journalists that were out there complied with the official cpi guidelines in order to stay inside the information loop because the journalists had a decision to make, do we do what the public information office is telling us or do we get cut off? think of all of these and see if there's any relationship at
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all to what's happening today, because we're repeating the wilson administration. the news agencies that didn't respect the cpi's request were moved out of the information loop. gee, who did that? i think president obama did by saying, oh, no, fox isn't even a real news organization, tried to cut us out of the pool feed and they issued 6,000 press releases aen they also had 75,000 four-minutemen. what are four-minutemen? she is guys delivered 7.5 million speeches, spoke in front of 300 million people all controlled by these guys, okay? four minutes because that was the time it took to change the news reel. periodicals were also sent to more than 600,000 teachers for their use in their classrooms. it's almost like the epa now coming in and teaching social and ecological justice. the boy scouts were used to deliver wilson's addresses door-to-door. wow, that's almost like
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community organizing. almost 1500 unique poster designs, many of them created to depict german people as blood thirsty monsters and these are some of the posters and gosh, almost what we're doing for the national endowment for the arts, creating the posters and make movies like pershing's crusaders. they already have hollywood so you've got that, all under the direction. there was an official newspaper delivered daily to 100,000. is that msnbc, is that the huffington post? who is that? then they picked it up a notch. first did the espionage act of 1917. june, 1917, wilson asked congress to pass this espionage act, making it a crime for anyone to interfere with the war effort through acts such as denouncing the draft. that's espionage? well, he had to kick that out.
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a year later, he escalates the fight against free speech by signing into law the saditino act, fines and imprisonment for anyone criticizing the constitution, the government, the military or the flag. you've got to put the flag in there because that makes americans proud. widely regarded as one of the most repressive legislations in regards to free speech. we've never done anything like it before. approximately 2000 people were convicted under this act under woodrow wilson, many served prison time, many for the rest of the wilson administration, until america came to their senses. >> speaking of americans being accused of sadition. glenn found himself on the line of fire not too long ago. >> it's gotten to the point where obama's media attack dogs have gone so far as to accuse me of sadition.
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>> i looked up the definition, which is conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of the state and a lot of these statements, especially the ones coming from people like glenn beck and to a certain extent, sarah palin, right next, right up close to being saditious. >> anti-government speech by the way as defined by sunstein is a conspiracy theory, okay. anti-government. rush limbaugh was attacked on the very same show. >> you know, and i'll name another person, rush limbaugh who uses this phrase constantly and talkses about the obama administration as a regime. >> glenn: okay. this is all a setup. and i want you to know the real target is not me, it's not rush. it's you.
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president bush didn't send out his mignons to attack msnbc or to try to drive keith olbermann out of business. to attack hollywood. cindy sheehan camped outside his home almost every weekend, he didn't address it except to say that she had the right to be there. now, the cries of sedition. traitor anti-american, anti-government just for speaking out and even send their goons to the tea parties to shut down legal, peaceful protests in the street. >> you heard glenn mention the name of cass sunstein moments ago, a name come up quite frequently on this program. so who is cass sunstein, glenn calls him the most dangerous man in america, one of the president's top guns. he's the white house information czar, heading the office of information and regulatory affairs. listen to the title of one of his books. he wrote a book called
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"democracy and the problem of free speech", the problem of free speech? in the book he says there's a need to reformulate first amendment law. wow. here is glenn with more on his mantra. >> glenn: this is the man that controls everything through nudges. they just nudge you you. he'll never tell you what to do, he nudges. do you remember the truman show, the guy the director up in the control room? watch this, remember, where is he? that guy. that guy. truman still had his freedoms. he was just-- he was just nudging him in the right direction. cass sunstein actually calls this, what he does, choice architecture, architecture to help you with joists. he is the guy that controls the storms to keep truman from leaving, controls the traffic lights to make you late.
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he is the guy doing this, putting it up on the sign. cass sunstein he's off the island. forest fire don't go that way, nudge. if that's not enough, oh, what are we going to do, light the road on fire, nudge. you drive through again. what happens in the end? cass sunstein has wanted the job in the control room his whole life. his whole life. in 2008 on the campaign trail, he went on a date with his son to be wife samantha power, she asked him cass, what is your dream job? he said and i quote her, i expected him to say he dreamt of playing for the red sox. his eyes got real big, he said, ooh, oira. geek. most people will say what's the big deal. a geek job. any geek who knows history knows why you say, oh, it's one of the most powerful jobs in the world, you're looking at more power than the fed.
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glenn greenwald from uncovered a paper sunstein wrote in 2008 proposing hypothetically speaking how to handle opposition groups. now, keep in mind cass calls anything anti-government a conspiracy theory. he proposed that, one, the government banned conspiracy theories. banned them. makes them illegal. and i mean, that sounds like a conspiracy theory in itself. number two, the government might impose some sort of tax on those who engage in conspiracy theories. number three, love this one, government might itself engage in counter speech. okay? marshalling arguments to quote, discredit conspiracy theories and theorists. hire private parties they might formally hire private parties to engage in counter speech.
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number five, the government might engage in informal communication with such parties, encouraging them to help. so, in other words, this, that kind of sounds like a, a conspiracy. quote, our main policy claim here is that the government should engage in cognitive infiltration of the groups that produce conspiracy theories, end quote. of course there's no evidence that sunstein is behind any of the recent attempts to discredit and infiltrate the tea parties which is weird those are the same words he uses, but there's no evidence of that at all. that would be a conspiracy theory. sunstein will claim he's acting with the best intentions, trying to disspell falsehoods and spread the truth. you're just spreading, you know, lies. right? i think he's spreading the truth using lies. this is nothing short of
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propaganda. >> so that's cass sunstein for you, another obama czar who wants to take away your free speech is a main named mark lloyd. if you watch this program regularly you've certainly heard his name brought up a few times. >> just a reminder who mark lloyd is. this is what he said about the chavez revolution. >> >> goes on to say that there were some corporations and many people here from washington and the united states, that made it difficult for that revolution to take place, all those darn pesky broadcasters. oh, glenn he was just talking about chavez. it never happened here in america. really? really? >> what we're really saying is the doctrine is not enough and that having a, having a sort
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of over arching rule that says that the broadcasters ought to be fair, ought to provide the issues important to communities and that they ought to do it in a fair and balanced way, is simply enough. unless you put some teeth into that and put some hard structural rules in place that are going to result in fairness. >> glenn: okay. result in fairness. he defines that by the way, hate to put words in his mouth, but gosh, i've seen a lot of his words. he defines that as the government having complete control of the air waves. okay. by the way, that was from way, way, way back in 2007. oh, i know, we're just cherry picking the quotes. you know, it's not like he wanted to regulate who's allowed to have any kind of power, right? >> we have really, truly good white people in important positions and the fact of the matter is there are a limited
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number of those positions and unless we are conscious of the need to have more people of color, gays, other people in those positions, we will not change the problem. we're in a position where you have to-- you have to say who is going to step down till someone else can have people. >> glenn: wow, thank you, united states government. i don't find that in that pesky constitution anywhere, but thank you. who is going to step down so someone else can have power? well, this is obama's hand i canned about diversity czar. he says the revolution in venezuela was important, the fairness doctrine doesn't go far enough and we need to look at who is going to step down so someone else can have power. well, how are you possibly going to ever convince the american people that this is right? >> next, will the left enjoy the new anti-free speech government if it were under a
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different control? glenn turns the tables.
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>> we're bringing you a crash course this hour on controlling the message, the government and the progressive attempts to take away your freedom of speech. you heard moments ago about
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some of the views of the people running this country on free speech. now it's time for glenn to turn the tables on them. >> glenn: i wonder how the left would enjoy this new anti-free speech government? if it was under a different control, let's say, go with me here for a second. let's say that ronald reagan comes back to life because he's so evil, he comes back to life and he becomes president in 2012. and the speaker of the house is that evil newt gingrich, okay, and chief of staff of course is karl rove because where is my chalk, i mean, karl rove, we've got to put some horns on karl rove and might as well put horns on all of these guys. they're so evil, right? and then jesus is the senate majority lead are, i think that should be reversed, let's go with it, don't think it true. dick cheney of course is the special advisor for all evil things, you know, he talks directly to darth vader and
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this is our press secretary. may i ask you a question, liberals, democrats, there it is. now, how do you like the system that you created? the one where the right to disagree with the president or his policies is gone. you speak out against these people with the system that you are now creating, you could lose your siness, you lose your license, at very least, you'll be publicly attacked by one of these guys, or one of their advisors. you know, that doesn't happen, does it? how do you like it when the evil karl rove is in power? suddenly, it doesn't sound so utopian, does it? that's why freedom of speech, whether you agree with this president or any president is of paramount importance. it is why when hollywood was protesting the war, i said, you cannot go after these people, you must allow them and celebrate their freedom of
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speech. this administration into the enemy that has to be silenced? who in the media now is making a difference? who? first one has got to be, could we get some non-chinese chalk? this is, is it really? it's french. no wonder, caves. number one has got to be fox. right? bret baier is practically the only journalist to actually challenge the president. the only reporter in the america that can come up with tough questions for the president, really? it seems like that. it seems like the only network that has noticed that the government suddenly has some proclivity for taking over entire industries like the student loan industry so they can cut out the middle man who is taking evil profits. it seems like fox is the only
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one who is noticing that. but this administration, they respond to fox news by saying we're not really even a news organization, and opinion shows like mine-- understand i'm not a journalist and i wear it as a badge of honor, i'm an opinion guy. shows like me, we're really in trouble with the president by name. listen. >> i think that when you've listened to rush limbaugh or glenn beck. >> it's beyond that. >> it's pretty apparent and it's troublesome, but you know, keep in mind that there have been periods in american history where this kind of -- this kind of vitriol comes out. >> this kind of vitriol, it's troubling. since when is someone saying, you're a socialist, look at your policies, they're all lining up with socialist policies. since when is that hateful?
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that sounds like political speech. it sounds like political discourse. >> now, the government agency now exempting itself from having to disclose information. should americans have the right to obtain under the laws of the land.  
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>> i'm patti ann browne, iran will release hiker sarah short on saturday. short and two fellow hikers
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have been held in iran since 2009 when they were arrested along the iraqi border, iran accuses them of espionage. pastor terry jones has canceled plans to burn the koran because he believes the leader of the islamic center near ground zero has agreed to the location. that has not been confirmed. boulder authorities reversed the decision to allow some residents back home due to high winds, no injuries have been reported. for more on the stories, visit glenn beck returns in a morning. first bret's special report. >> breaking news on the canceled koran burning and proposed mosque near ground zero and analysis and all of that. iranian exiles point to a new mountain nuclear facility in iran at the top of the hour. now back. >> day four of glenn beck's
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crash course. tonight, controlling the message. candidate obama in 2008 promised to usher in a new era of transparency in his administration. >> part of what we're going to do is create transparency in how government works. >> one of the things i want to do is create more transparency and accountability in the system. >> on his first full day in office, president obama sent out a widely publicized memo to government agencies regarding his views on the freedom of information act. a collection of laws that exist to ensure that the public can gain access to public documents. he wrote, quote, all agencies should adopt a presumption in favor of disclosure in order to renew their commitment to the principles abiembodied in te law and as part of new financial reform bill the securities and exchange commission is virtually exempt from the access to information
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law. that doesn't sound right, does it? glenn has more. >> glenn: the media's job is to be watch dogs of the republic not the lap dogs of any administration, but that's exactly what they've become. so as a direct result of their not doing their own job, the federal government has been able to slip little things like this into the new financial reform bill. the sec no longer has to comply with freedom of information requests. that's huge. the law exempts the sec from providing information derived from, quote, surveillance, risk assessment or other regulatory and oversight activities. wow, that's kind of broad, huh? so, now when the media is it troubled by or curious about something that the sec is doing, you're just going to have to wonder or hope there's change. even lawmakers are saying this is a big deal like democratic senator ted kaufman, who is calling for it now to be
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rewritten. it won't be, but he's calling for it. maybe he should have done that before it was passed. kaufman said, quote, this provision is overly broad. freedom of information act already has exemptions in it to deal with such concerns. if those exemptions needed to be broadened we should have done it with a scalpel, another wonderful development. yes, it is. now, here is yet another, this one from media outlet huffington post, fair and balanced. they've teamed up with the far left progressive think tank, the time foundation. well, they're going to produce the huffington post investigative fund. ooh, i wonder what they're going be to looking into? it's going to be objective. sure, sure, tide is linked to wade radkey, the chief organizer of acorn international, founder and chief organizers of acorn and 100 sciu and of course, board members of the tides
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foundation, you know, and a well-known left supporter of barack obama and that's just him. don't worry about it. this alliance is yet another example of the media glassily going beyond lap dog for this administration. i'm telling you, the huffington post is going to be pro proud. >> okay we want to turn now to a group that's not technically part of the administration, but works alongside it so closely that it might as well be. glenn tells us about the ironically named free press. >> the sec is being inundated by special interest group, ironically named free press, whose goal it is to limit america's free press and freedom of speech. this special interest group also claims that it's due to special interest groups that it's become necessary for them to intervene on our behalf. how great, free press isn't about free speech, it's about
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maxism, it's about silencing, free press is an oxymoron started by an oxy marxist, in addition to cow founding free press, the former editor of the monthly review a self-proclaimed socialist magazine, i don't want to call names, and openly marxist publication. sounds like free press advocates so far, doesn't it? oh, there you go again, throwing out wild accusations. the puppet thing i got at disney world is not really working, is it? it's really not a smear when you use people's own words. mcchestney in his own words, any serious effort to reform the media system would have to necessarily be part of a revolutionary program to
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overthrow the capitalist system itself. also, there is no real answer, but to remove brick by brick the capitalist system itself, rebuilding the entire society on socialist principles. i don't mean to sound hateful by pointing out his own words. is it a smear campaign now to quote, directly quote these wonderful lovers of our american way of life? again, here is free press co-founder, robert mcchestney in his own words, quote, we need to do whatever we can to limit capitalist propaganda, regulate it, minimalize it and perhaps even eliminate it. now, granted, mcchestney has said cheese painful things all the way back in august of 2009. do you even remember how old you were in august of 2009? it's hard to believe that we
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even had, you know, recording devices back that far. the above-mentioned quotes on capitalism came from robert even further, further back, way back in the time tunnel of february, 2009. weren't the dinosaurs walking around then? i'm not sure about the dinosaurs, but i do think the crusades were just winding down and the black plague just started kicking back in. that's what this so-called effort is call aboutment. your kids have heard about it i guarantee about eliminating constitutional points of view from the public arena, that's not the way it's being billed. it is about stopping debate, but nobody will tell you that. it's about ending free speech. it is about marxism. >> next, how the government is
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going after your free speech on the internet. b?ú á,h@
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>> we told you in the last segment about the marxist group free press and how closely it's been working with this administration. one of the issues they've been closely working together on with the fcc is to control the internet neutrality and glenn and a guest explain. >> glenn: it's actually about
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three things. the first one is access. okay, we'll play the president here in slot number one. >> i will take a back seat to no one in my commitment to network neutral ity. >> glenn: he believes in it and it's all about access. what did he mean by that? >> well, they want to guarantee that everyone has access to broad band internet and that means they want to turn it into something of an entitlement. they want to ensure that everyone has it, that they subsidize it, their 7.2 billion dollars of stimulus funding that goes toward building out broad band subsidizing it and so on. >> so give me van jones, please, on net neutrality. >> it does no good to win on net neutrality. if net neutrality winds up having a neutral impact on the lives of the people. i would argue that fighting not just the fcc as important that is, fighting to make sure
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that every local city and municipality is making free broad band available to everybody has to be number one on our agenda, it has to be. >> glenn: number one on the agenda. wow, by the way, free press was so proud that we were going to help them get publicity this week, that that clip that you just saw, which we grabbed a while ago, yeah, it's too bad we have archives here, they've scrubbed that now from their website. but that's sure-- they're proud of that. why is van jones involved? why does he think this is so great. >> van jones was a free press board member before he went into the administration and praised by many of the groups as you know and speaking there at a free press event and we have the logo there in the background and i think the reason they took it down from the website right now they're trying to look like the good guys, keep everything fair and neutral. >> glenn: the third one, we have social justice and the third one is controlling
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content. and i think this is what most people, most people are worried about. what does this mean to me. i mean, you get on. you read different news sites and they're the ones, the internet, youtube, blogs, just being able to share ideas. it's the place where we're more free than probably we've ever been before. >> absolutely. look, the short-term impact of these types of regulations will just be that the internet won't work as well. because you won't have as much competition, you won't have as much investment. won't manage the network and things will move more slowly and the long-term is much, much more sinister because the people up there on the board and we have he a talked about want the internet to be owned and controlled by government and when they put regulations in that destroy private investment they'll step in and they'll put government investment in, taxpayers dollars in, 7.2 billion from the stimulus and susan crawford told the wall street journal that's just a down payment.
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>> still to come. how richard nixon went about silenting his opponents and the scary similarities to what's happening today. w
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>> let's take a look at what we've learned so far this hour. we've learned that it is this
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administration's agenda and the progressive agenda to silence the opposition and control the message. we saw it happen, with the shutout of fox news. >> it's really not news, it's pushing a point of view. >> the way the president looks at it, it's not a news organization. >> we learned that the president sees information as a quote, distraction and puts quote, pressure on the democracy. >> information becomes a distracti distraction, a diversion of a form of entertainment rather than a tool. >> learned about attempts to control the messages in other white house administrations. >> by and large the journalists out there complied with the official cpi guidelines in order to stay inside the information loop. journalists had a decision to make, do we do what the public information is telling us or get cut off. >> we learn about the man glenn calls the most dangerous
5:50 pm
man in america, cass sunstein. >> glenn: he proposed that, one, the government ban conspiracy theories, banned them, make them illegal. that sounds like a conspiracy theory in itself. number two, the government might impose some sort of tax on those who engage in conspiracy theories. we learned about the president's fcc diversity czar who wants white people to step down, so someone else can have power and thinks the fairness doctrine doesn't go far enough. >> it's in part structural rules in place that are going to result in-- >> we've learned that the sec is exempting itself having to disclose information that americans have the right to obtain under the freedom of information act. >> glenn: the law exempts the sec from imparting information from quote, surveillance risk assessment or other regulatory and oversight activities. wow, that's kind of broad, huh. >> we learned about the marxist leader of the group
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free press that works hand in hand with this white house, with robert mcchesney who wants to dismantle capitalism brick by brick. >> glenn: mcchesney in his own words, any serious effort to reform the media system would have to necessarily be part of a revolutionary program to overthrow the capitalist system itself. >> ap we've learned about the free press and the sec fight to control the internet through net neutrality. >> we are now fighting with some very prominent internet service providers. >> glenn: one more important history lesson is next. tonight's crash course. ñ÷
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>> tomorrow night on this program the niece of dr. martin luther king, jr. joins us for a special hour on civil rights and the rights of man. make sure to set your dvr's for that. tonight we're talking about this administration's blatant control of the message and attempts to silence many of its critics. before we leave you, here is just a reminder of where this country has gone before and why we must protect the liberties that each and every one of us are entitled to as americans. americans. >> my fights with the media of course are legendary, goes back a long time. the media and i are not friends, it is not personal. >> in the 1970's, america had a lot of enemies to be
5:56 pm
concerned about. we were fighting a war in vietnam and the cold war was in full swing with the soviet union, but to the 37th president of the united states there were also very serious enemies to worry about on the home front. >> yes, excuse me, mr. president, i have mr. haldeman, do you want him to wait. >> no, i'm on.
5:57 pm
>> it was the worst of times. >> got the impression you roused my anger. >> one can only be angry with those he respects. >> it was a time when the president of the united states cast a dark cloud over the nation. stifling free speech and abusing the same powers that the american people granted him. if the media, liberals or others dared to question him or his administration, well, they were branded an enemy and they were punished. the vote, enemies were revealed on june 27th, 1973 at a watergate hearing on capitol hill. former white house council john dean turned over documents to use the available federal machinery to screw our enemies.
5:58 pm
on the list weren't just members of the press, they were politicians, union bosses, businessmen, even celebrities like paul newman, barbra streisand, carol channing and joe nameth. he was covering the story when he unexpectedly found himself part of the story. >> i was outside the senate caucus room on live, on camera on cbs and i went down the list one by one, and number of 17 is daniel shore, a real media enemy it says here. and i really felt as they i was going to collapse. >> >> there were stories that i did and commentaries i did that did not sit well with the
5:59 pm
president. >> and he was on one of the hit lists. >> i found out i was on the ene enemy's list, i was absolutely shocked and appalled. >> paul newman the actor, an enemy absurd. marvin cowell, dan schorr, ab degree murder. >> i understand that president nixon had a problem with reporting the vietnam war and clearly in his mind i was a problem to him. >> at one point nixon gave orders to call j. edgar hoover and get the fbi to get something on me. >> he was examining my income tax and nothing was found to be wrong. >> criticism is perfectly acceptable in a free and open society. it doesn't matter whether nixon is president or obama is president. in an open, free society, the greatest garan tore of freedom is the free press. >> it's almost four decades and seven


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